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Insight. John's innate skill is finding clarity in complexity and then designing an elegant solution within.


  • Cognitive Science: Particularly Linguistics and Neuroscience as they relate to the Engineering Intelligence. (see Study Break)
  • Information Theory:
  • Self-organising Systems: Particularly the engineering of self-organising systems.
  • Game Theory: Mechanism design in particular.
  • Strategy: The use of insight and innovation to obtain suprising results with limited resource.
  • Language: Chinese Mandarin
  • Sport: Kite surfing


  • Language: English
  • IT Management: IT Business Strategy, Leadership, ERP implementation, Business Intelligence. (see accolades)
  • Business Management: Senior management and Board level business management. (see Brown Brothers)
  • Wine Industry: Broad knowlege of the Australian Wine industry from Viticulture thru Marketing. (see Brown Brothers)
  • Information Technologies: MS Windows, MS IIS, MS IS, MS Office, Cognos PowerPlay Web, Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne,
  • Programming: Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. (see example)
  • Sport: Squash, Skiing, Rock Climbing


  • Mechanical Engineering: Design, Drawing, Calculations etc. (see Monash)
  • Programming: C++, Fortran, Pascal, Basic
  • Sport: Gymnastics


  • Petroleum: Practical and design knowledge of subsea well-test, completions and production installation. (see BHP)
  • Sport: Tennis