Insight - Innovation - Strategy.

The Person

John is a thoughtful, sincere, challenging, objective, innovative, high energy person. INTJ

John thinks and reads a great deal - no TV.

The Aspiration

John aspires to being an Intelligence Engineer which involves intense interests in:

    • Cognitive Science: specifically, how knowledge of biological brains can be used to Engineer Intelligence.

    • Strategy: the satisfaction of applying a limited resource in an insightful way to achieve a disproportionate outcome.

    • Self Organising Systems: How self organisation mechanisms might be engineered to good effect in complex systems.

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The Skills

Insight. John's innate skill is finding the essence of a complex situation and then designing an elegant solution.

John's written word is clear and articulate.

John has considerable proven skills in Leadership, Business and Information Technology Strategy.

John's leadership style is transparent, communicative and supportive.

John has a strong commitment to win-win partnerships in business

The Experience

John completed his Secondary education at Scotch College as a border before graduating from Monash in Mechanical Engineering. John worked with BHP Petroleum for five years - initially in Darwin working on offshore oil rigs primarily in the Timor Sea and later in Melbourne as a Design Engineer. John then returned to his family's business, Brown Brothers, and held roles in Marketing, Operations, Finance and, most influentially, Information Technology. John has also participated in Brown Brothers Board meetings for many years and is an AICD Graduate.

John has held Board roles in volunteer organisations such as Wangaratta Ski Club, Quest International User Group and the International Oracle User Council. With Quest, John was responsible for Asia Pacific and traveled to many countries in the Asia Pacific and North American regions undertaking these responsibilities.

The Distractions

Sports include the likes of Squash, skiing, rock climbing and kite surfing.