Third year University

    • Heat Transfer - High Distinction

    • Mechanisms - Distinction

    • Applied Ecology - Credit

    • Computers & Micro Processors - Credit

    • Engineering Practices - Credit

    • Fluid Mechanics - Credit

    • Mechanics and Deformation of solids - Credit

    • Systems & Control - Credit

    • Energy Conversion - Pass

    • Mathematics - Pass

    • Mechanical Vibrations - Pass

    • Technology & Society - Pass

Vacation Work

Demesne Computing, Victoria.

Data gathered in the main wind tunnel at Monash University was difficult to screen quickly for spurious data. Demesne Computing was contracted to provide a real time graphical interface for the wind tunnel. John completed the project which involved graphics programming on the 'Apollo' work station providing the display, and extensive two way data transfer with the independent computer collecting the data.

After Hours

Glen Davis, World Land Speed Record Attempt.

Glen Davis was preparing to make an attempt at the world land speed record for wheel driven vehicles. His design centred around two Rolls Royce V12 Merlin engines. A custom transfer case to couple the two engines and route the power to all four wheels was required. John was employed to assist in the design of the transfer case.