• BHP Petroleum - Completions Engineer - Darwin


Major Activities

In 1991-93 John worked in the Well Services Group. This small group was responsible for testing oil and gas discoveries, installation of equipment in production wells and the maintenance of the 'down hole' and subsea production equipment throughout the life of the well. Onshore, this involved immediate response to offshore problems, operations planning, logistics, project engineering, equipment evaluation and preparation. Offshore duties included project coordination, equipment testing, 'trouble shooting', safety issues, quality control and contractor supervision.

In particular, John's experience covered:

    • Leading offshore completion, workover and well test operations.

    • Open hole, production and corrosion logging

    • Wireline installations and fishing

    • Coiled tubing wash and fishing

    • Production testing

    • Subsea equipment installation and removal

    • 13Cr completion equipment installation and removal

    • Well test equipment and operation

    • Detailed programming and reporting for completion and well testing operations

    • Completion equipment design, preparation and quality control

    • Installation of corrosion and scale inhibition equipment.


Influential reading

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Bridges to Infinity - Michael Guillen - Rider - ISBD 0-09-155321-0

The Relativity of Wrong - Isaac Asimov - Oxford University Press - ISBN 0-19-282632-8

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