• Brown Brothers CIO

    • Brown Brothers Board invitee

    • Quest International J.D.Edwards User Group - Asia Pacific Liason Director

    • Quest A&NZ J.D.Edwards User Group - Secretary

    • Father


    • Successfully coordinated 2002 Quest Asia Conference in Bankok

    • Hosted 20 advanced J.D.Edwards One World Users at Brown Brothers for a 2 day conference.

Major Activities

Brown Brothers

In 2002, a Wide Area Network (WAN) was constructed from Milawa out to four State Sales offices to carry both Data traffic (Citrix) and voice (VoIP). The VoIP was implemented with IBM services and a compination of IBM, Cisco and PSL I.T.

The Cognos PowerPlay Web implementation was further extended, most particularly into providing consolidated distribution data to the Sales Team. Previously unavailable Brown Brothers Sales data was sourced from multiple wholesalers, cleansed and consolidated into a single view of the Retail customer for the first time.

In addition, a major platform upgrade from Windows NT to Windows 2000 was completed.




Business Strategies in a Hostile World - TEC Jerry Goldress - Melbourne.

Influential reading

Warfighting, The US Marine Corps book of Strategy - Currency Doubleday - ISBN 0-385-47834-8

Long Walk to Freedom - Nelson Mandela - Abacus - ISBN0-349-10653-3

Living the Dream, The Story of Victor Smorgan - Rod Meyer - New Holland - ISBN 1-86436-684-2