• Brown Brothers CIO

    • Brown Brothers Board invitee

    • Quest International User Group - Asia Pacific Liason Director

    • Quest A&NZ User Group - Secretary

    • Father


    • Delivered a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan for Brown Brothers business systems.

Major Activities

Brown Brothers

In 2004, a fully integrated Point of Sale system was implemented for Cellar Door and the Epicurean Centre using IBM and ???

An advanced business planning system was constructed to drastically reduce both the time required to prepare detailed plans and the time required for a marketing demand signal to influence grape supply decisions. This new system replaced a comprehensive, but clumsy, planning system built with spreadsheets. Planning activity occurring across multiple timeframes (12 weeks by week, 12 months by month, 5 years by year) was collapsed into a single system. The technologies utilised were Cognos and the ERP system.

In addition, a major platform upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 was commenced.




Quest Global Conference - Quest International Users Group - Denver USA.

Quest A&NZ Conference - Quet A&NZ - Melbourne

Influential reading

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The Emperor's New Mind - Roger Penrose - Vintage - ISBN 0-09-977170-5

Shadows of the Mind - Roger Penrose - Oxford University Press - ISBN 0-19-510646-6

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